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    Flagler County Assist REACT traces it's history back to 1985 when three high school students who wanted to make a difference started a group called "Flagler County Assist." Their purpose was to provide local assistance by monitoring Citizen's Band (CB) Emergency Channel 9 from home base stations. At that time, we averaged 500-900 CB 9 calls a year until the advent of the cell phone and placement of call boxes, which replaced CB as the way to get help on the highway.

    Today, Flagler County Assist REACT is a volunteer organization that provides numerous services to Flagler County and the cities and organizations in our community. We use GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) rather than CB as our primary mode of communication. However, we do far more than radios. Take a look at what we do.

    "Serving Flagler County since 1985"


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