Flagler County Assist REACT is proud to be part of the Landing Zone Team. Members are required to take a special class before being allowed to work directly with the helicopter. Working in a Landing Zone is very dangerous unless you have had the training. We do not do this as much anymore but can as needed.

REACT Operations Officer Sam Carcione works the Landing Zone Command at the Fairgrounds.

REACT's Operation Officer coordinates two helo's at an FDLE exercise in 2006.

REACT volunteers keep the landing pad secure as FireFlight launches at the end of an event.

REACT members set up the safety zone around the aircraft after landing at Buddy Tayor Middle School.

REACT member Richard Frazier sets up the cones to make sure people stay safe around the aircraft.

REACT Member volunteering for FEMV landing FireFlight at the Home Show in 2010.

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