On July 22nd 2007 an EF 0 Tornado struck Flagler Beach. It started as a waterspout and then headed for shore. REACT 10 / KG4HUF Robbie Creal was right on scene and gave critical information to the National Weather Service in real time, which prompted the issuance of a Tornado Warning. The tornado only did cosmetic damage and caused no injuries as it came through Flagler Beach.

We thank REACT 10 for the use of his photos.


Multiple Waterspouts had been occurring all morning. Suddenly one headed for shore. REACT Volunteer and ARES Skywarn Coordinator spotted the funnel and provided reports as it approached.
The waterspout now becomes an EF 0 tornado as it strikes land just north of the pier. Robbie was on the GMRS radio reporting this to the National Weather Service as it happened.
As the tornado progresses inland it lifts from the ground. REACT & ARES reports helped the National Weather Service track this storm live as it occurred.
Some of the damage caused by the EF 0 tornado.
Another view of the damage. An automated weather station just happened to be in the path of the funnel and recorded a wind gust of 55 mph.
This photo was donated to REACT to be used on this gallery. It shows the waterspout heading for the pier and lifeguards trying to get people off the structure.

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